Face the Facts: Where Are MAGA Hats Actually Made?

Are President Trump’s MAGA hats really made in China? J.D. Durkin is here to get to the bottom of some social media posts claiming that the famous red hats are made overseas.

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  1. To say I dislike Trump would be the understatement of the century, but I always appreciate unbiased reporting. I’ve seen that meme on Facebook and I knew it was just propaganda. Or “fake news” as the deplorables say.

  2. I remember that he explained that his ties were made in China because no one would buy American made ties because the price. Glad he stayed consistent with his dislike of that

  3. But if actually dive deep , 90% of the tech products & 50% of every other products in the world are designed in the US & manufactured/ assembled somewhere else like in China.

    China is famous for product manufacturing not designing

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