Empty Box Found At Flea Market Worth WHAT?!

I didn’t know at the time, but an early morning flea market find could be worth big bucks!
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  1. vintage slides: Slides taken in Asia (especially Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan) during the '40s to the '60s are highly sought after, and can sell for amazing amounts on ebay. But beware-the "commercial" slides often bought by tourists have no value at all.

  2. Nice finds!!! If you could find the barbie to go with the box, would it be worth more than a empty box and the cost of the home-less barbie, I mean box-less barbie…? 🌞

  3. I have told people for years that the vintage boxes that "stuff" can in is worth quite a bit. Sometimes more than the item that came in the box would sell. But not more than the Barbie would have been IF THE Barbie would have been in the box! Years ago when I was cleaning out and old 2 story Victorian house here where I live. I found a vintage box that was for shotgun shells (No Shells) but the graphics on the box were wonderful. I put the box on eBay and it sold for $160.00 … NOT A BAD FIND!!

  4. What "trouble" is she getting into now??? Nice find, even if the girl is missing! Always my luck! 35MM Kodachrome slides…still have my collection as well as the Carousel Projector (by Kodak). I did lots of photography back in the late 50's-1980's: San Francisco, Death Valley (my favorite park) and around the state, in my travelling days. Order of the Fleas?? Have to look that one up. Speaking of lodge orders, I'm sure you know of the Loyal Order of Moose!! That mini painting is nice…the primitive style is its charm!

  5. The casserole dish should still for at least twice what you paid or keep it for yourself. Also l did cringe when you removed the black Barbie from the Barbie Box . They are harder for people l know to find for their kids.

  6. I like the painting! Someone did a good job! My best friend when I was young, in the early seventies, had that Barbie doll on the box! We did love our Barbie’s! ✌🏼❤️

  7. Loved the Barbie box!! Great find!! Painting is beautiful! The snowflake pyrex was a great deal even with the damage on the bottom!! $10 was a great price!! Thankbyou for sharing!!❤❤❤

  8. Great finds today great find own the Barbie box you will have to let us no what it brings I ran across two tshirts today at a yard sale brand new never worn single stitch dated from 1992 single stitch made them 30 years old I gave .50 cents each for them Ive not got to research them yet hope you have a blessed weekend can't wait to see what is next

  9. Hello Renee. You did amazing today. Vintage Barbie box is sweet. I love the picture,it’s peaceful to look at so relaxing. I love pictures like that . The Easton hat it’s your team but still nice to have. Great day for you. The genie pigs are cuties. Take care and enjoy your weekend. 🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️🫖☕️🫖☕️💯💯💯💯

  10. Score on the Barbie box! I love the older Barbies, so classic. Don't fret about the Pyrex. Black is super hard to come across and will still sell. Maybe hold on to it until about October/November and then list it on Marketplace? You could probably get $25 for it then. Or keep it and put that awesome vintage plastic garland around the bottom to dress it up 😆

  11. Empty Barbie box was a very lucky find! Your comp did very well ($152.50)! Yours is in similar condition…maybe even a bit better. The bidders who missed out on that one will be eager to bid on yours! Strike while the iron is hot LOL.

  12. Renee.
    Not sure if you're aware,but the Order Of The Fleas Club is closed.
    The cap was an awesome find..Hold on to that for as long as you can.
    I live in Easton and many of the older members would love to get their hands on that cap..

  13. Great Barbie box – HORRIBLE background in the photo. VERY distracting . People are not bidding on candles and other stuff. Simple black , white or grey background – PLEASE.

  14. I saw you looking through the slides for Yellowstone. Did you hear that the main road, in and out of Yellowstone, was flooded, and it's indefinitely closed? They may have to require permits to enter, when they do reopen Yellowstone! Terrible news! I know you planned to travel out there this year!

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