Crazy 1960s Hats in Glorious Colour

The leaves of Spring will soon be out, and here are some bright suggestions from the new Simone Mirman hat collection in London. For example, a cloche, decorated with snails. That’s a new idea. Better make a note! Or a summery straw. It’s a woman’s privilege to change her mind, and so does model “Sandra”. From straw to silk, a change of mood. Anyway, two hats for the price of one! A fruity affair is worn by “Celia”. Raspberries and blackberries covering a flower-pot.

Key scene. MCU two women with fancy hats. CU zoom ditto. Zoom woman with Chinese hat. Zoom out same Marguerite hat. Zoom out same snails. Zoom in to snails. Zoom out hat with snail. CU woman receives hat showing another hat underneath. Zoom out woman with hat. CU zoom out Cleopatra hat. CU zoom out flower pot hat. CU same cherry hat. CU same cocktail hat. SEE STORY NUMBER 84050/2 FOR CUTS

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