CHINESE LOVES Traditional North East India Hats and Dresses?

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  1. Avi and Sandy❤️ you both are my favorite couple❤️❤️
    Lots of love and blessings from Karbi Anglong a small district under the state Assam❤️😘
    Avi and Sandy I want to request you to have a reaction video on our culture Karbi video❤️
    You can search from the band #Arak Band ✨
    Love you both❤️may God bless 😇😇

  2. We the northeast people basically from shouth Asia, now in china. I am a Ahom tribe in Assam, migrent from Thailand and as you know they are actual from shouth china.
    I am addicted see your videos ❤️
    Love from Assam….🤞

  3. Main land Indian should be respect North East. Main land of Indian discriminate our peoples northeast because we r mongoloid. We r the blood line of Chinese. Respect other communities

  4. I really appreciate Avi for recognising the North East. It shows how educated he really is. There are many ignorant people from mainstream India thinking that people of NE are Chinese…. ❤❤❤ from Mizoram

  5. Please promote our northeast rest of d India doesn't give respect don't care don't want to know n never helps in anything northeast is just hanging in India in name only

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