China is putting people in Covid CAGES | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

People in China have their buildings fenced off so that they cannot leave. China’s 0-Covid policy is taking a huge toll, causing hunger and food shortages. How can this end? #china

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  1. FYI. The test is under emergency use, it's a test that has not been proven according to
    Journal of American medical association.
    The article they published talks about why hasn't any of the test equipment or medical equipment under EUA been FDA approved after 2 years

  2. @5:13 This virus was created in a lab in China? Can you prove it? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? You are American right? The US has hundreds of biolabs not just in the US but throughout the world, including Ukraine. Most credible infectious disease specialists and geneticists think it most likely originated from nature, just like the 1918 flu virus or the 2009 H1N1 virus which was first detected in people in the US in April of 2009 according to the CDC.

  3. @5:21 Maybe it won't ever go away but Chinese government will not likely change the 0-Covid policy until after all Chinese citizens (especially the elderly) have been vaccinated 3 times.

  4. @5:30 They will never admit they were wrong. I think most people who decide based on actual data would conclude that their policies have been much more effective than the US policies. About 1M deaths in the US vs 5K in China with China having 4X the population. When did the US government admit they were wrong? As for the Chinese government, those who do not perform are relieved of their duties. Action speaks louder than words.

  5. @6:00 Don't know about the UK but here in the US, I doubt people with mild symptoms would even bother to go get tested not to mention those who don't have symptoms. Who would even go get tested if they have no symptoms, especially when you have to pay for the test if you have no symptoms?

  6. Compare this to here in the US where someone who doesn't want to wear a mask when entering a store gets so emotional that he pulls out a gun and sh—s the employees telling him to wear a mask or leave. Or when the police handcuffs you, then kneel on your neck until you expire. Panic buying is typical of human behavior around the world. We saw that here with toilet paper back in 2020. As for the cages, those are 6' fences. Let's not use words that mislead or over dramatize this. To put things in perspective: cumulative casualties as of 4/30/2022 are as follows: US = 993,712, Brazil = 663,736, India = 523,843, UK = 175,081, France = 145,999, Germany = 135,461, Canada = 39,312, Hong Kong = 9,308, China mainland = 5,060.

  7. Hi Am missing something here but looking closely and few people in white ones with gloves off and hood down and face masks, do they look colour skin to me they look like African origin and the long stick hitting this is the way south Africa police control unrest, please look more closely and tell me am wrong
    Something does not add up

  8. New York Stare was going to vote on a bill called A416 in early January. It would have given the Governor the authority to isolate anyone who presented a health risk. It would have been a similar result to Shanghai. Thankfully due to the publicity in late December the bill was not voted on. What is happening in parts of China is terrifying

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