China Dynasties (Safety Dance Cover) ~Girls With Hats

Samantha Johnston and Maggie Gammons
Mr. Arnston’s 6th period

China is a big country,
it’s got lots of history.
One really cool part was how it was ruled,
They were called the dynasties

The first dynasty was Xia.
We don’t know if it was real,
But they settled down and started to farm,
And began to use the wheel.

The Shang dynasty came after-
They started to write things down.
They worked with bonze and made a calendar
and a government came around.

The longest dynasty was Zhou.
A mandate of Heaven was made.
Daoism was formed, Confucius was born
and iron was used to aid.

And then along came the Qin.
It’s how China got its name.
They burned many books and killed philosophers-
The Great Wall was their claim to fame.

Next was the Han dynasty-
They made paper out of wood.
They progressed in science and made the Silk Road,
And astronomy was understood

Nearly a millennium later,
The Ming dynasty was formed
They helped out the peasants and fixed the Great Wall
And artistic style transformed

Qing dynasty was the last one,
They ruled with an iron fist.
Rebellions occurred, 20 million massacred
And dynastic rule could not persist.

Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Ming, Qing, Ya!


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