Canada to cap market for handguns with new law

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government introduced legislation Monday that would put a freeze on importing, buying or selling handguns. The regulations are expected to be enacted this fall. (May 31)

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  1. Well one thing you can be sure of….the surge in gun sales while this bill is being worked on will be epic. Every available pistol in the warehouse is being ordered by Canadian gun shops right now.

  2. When will people wake up and understand, all these events happening are because of them trying to keep pushing gun laws. They don’t want us to put up a fight when the time comes

  3. Yesssss 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Please don’t read these comments and think that’s how we feel. Most of us who care about live and others. Agree with this. These peeps just love commenting by spewing hate. We don’t pay attention to them 😏

  4. The only way they are gonna take over your rights is by taking your will to fight for your self. How safe are you if you don't have the guns when the fight comes to your door.

  5. Suppose someone breaks into your home with a gun, how long will it take for the police to arrive and save you like the children in the Texas classroom? Oh that's right they didn't get saved.
    So this guy won't have armed security in his every day Life because none is needed for him either.

  6. All of the expert tyrants agree: gun control works. Disarm the citizenry, and afterwards, the government can do whatever it wants with impunity.

  7. You want me to work for free.
    You pay these staff , $4,000.00…. a month . To man the reception desk , and serve the food .
    And I am telling you that if they mopped these floors and cleaned the bathrooms , they would be in a better position to prevent theft and resolve conflicts before they became confrontations , between the residents . And it would give them a reason to address the hoarding issue the residents have . We are allowed one container of possessions per person . And what we have going on is a health hazard and a fire hazard . Let alone a place for thieves and drug dealers to hide their wares .

  8. Look at all the lemmings with their masks. If a gun defeated Covid, guaranteed these folks would be perplexed on what to do. Simple fact of the matter is that guns prevent crime in dangerous communities. Where are the gun crimes happening in the USA? Gun free zones. Look at the Ukraine. How easy was it for Ukrainians to defend themselves in the initial stages of the war? What about the Swiss? Do they not have high levels of gun ownership, peace through strength and neutrality, and low rates of gun crime? No, if you want peace, the answer is to focus on responsibility and culture.

  9. With Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Senior: Amongst those US Government politicians whose responsibility as law makers: Said it could not be done. Well guess you can resign now with your tail between your legs, as you must take accountability for your failure as an adult for not, " … Protecting and Serving … "

  10. Remember that Canadia and the United States of North America are two different nations with a border dividing the two nations.

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