Bonnie Hats Top Five Best

Here are some of the best Boonie Hats you can buy. Some are made in the USA!
00:25 USMC Cover Field MARPAT Marine Woodland USA Made $21.49 on e-bay
00:59 USMC MARPAT in Desert Digital also USA Made $21.98 on e-bay – both made by Sekri Industries SPMIC1-13-D-N018 8415-01-485-8142 005
01:27 Dorfman Pacific Outdoor Khaki Olive Bucket Hat – China – $16.65 100% Cotton
01:56 Atlanco 3281000 H2O Proof Adjustable Boonie Hat Digital Woodland by Tru-Spec with Dintex Thermoplastic Polyurethane $16.65
02:41 Rapid Dominance – China $12.87 good 100% cotton option
03:27 Bernard Cap Company USA Made OEF Sun Hat Military NWT $19.99
04:26 ROTHCO Style 5813 55% Cotton 45% Polyester light weight
04:49 Propper 100% Cotton Ripstop Dominican Republic Sun Hat H-411 $9.99 good value
05:13 Cobra Cotton Bucket Hat khaki China $8.27 good simple cotton hat
06:26 R & B Inc. Mil Spec H-43577 – USA Made 50% Cotton 50% Nylon – Great Hat!
06:52 The Tilley Hat – great travel hat but it costs!
So, get yourself a great hat to EDC. Keep that sun away!

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  1. Figured I'd just put this comment here.
    Just got a 20$ semi-junk boonie hat from the Russian manufacturer BARS that are a military contractor for their armed forces. Not mil-spec, full on contractor as far as I am aware.
    This boonie is the favorite Russian khaki, at least three times thicker than the hats in this video, more shallow than them and the adjustment cord is… the plastic restrainer that is used to adjust the string that goes under your chin, that thing has the string strung through in such a way, that you can't adjust the thing. So it can fall off my head no problem. So I gotta find a tailor for this… or hatter, which… I dunno how. It's not waterproof, barely water repellent, this is their typical old school, think… almost canvas material and it's… oh, it's bad, it's crude AF, everything looks very solid, but… I think you can easily go bald in this, it is so hot. The label doesn't say anything about washing or the materials. Just says БАРС Произведено в России.
    There is no extra padding on the brim, it's kind of floppy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but… definitely not worth 20$.

  2. I didn’t get a real marine Boonie hat cause I didn’t want to offend anyone that’s in the service I feel like they would tell me to take it off and I don’t deserve to wear it

  3. I've never been let down by R&B inc USGI hats.
    They're American made , often around $15 , and they still offer the classic woodland Camo.
    Just got two of their boonies in today and am planning on a couple more of the patrol caps.
    Been wearing a woodland camo patrol cap every day since my dad gave me his last issue cap he had left when I was 12.
    I've gotta stock up so I've got a lifetime supply of them.

  4. Not one of these hats are military spec at all. Don't freaking believe any company that uses the term "Military Spec" If they don't have the DOD contract then it is not built to military specs.

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