Asian Style – Ulzzang Style! Hats are Cute!

heyy im back again with another asian ulzzang style! yesss everybody is wearing hats in this vid, hope u will enjoy it. the vid features many popular ulzzangs including mikki, park tae jun (gosh i love him xD), pony, park boram, sua etc!! i’ll be sure to make more soon 🙂



  1. You ugly racist westerners are just JEALOUS because you can't apply our Asian style Ullzang on yourself because it would just end making you ugly westerners look more ugly.

    That is because our Asian style Ullzang only work on us Asians who born with almond shape eyes, small nose, round face and sharp jaw while you ugly westerners born with deep set eyes [ failure for circle lenses ], loooong nose, square face and square jaw. Stick to your own western race and western style ugly westerners.

  2. @sweetspy218 you can usually buy them online on asian fashion websites for a reasonable price, but you can really buy them at stores in the mall or something.

  3. @sweetspy218 u can buy them on if u want it^^

    its a site there u can get and buy asian stuff like:Clothing,Baby clothing,beauty,hair products,ulzzang headset,bags,shoes,jewely and acceessories from asia^^

    all of the products are from:south Korea,Japan,China,Taiwan and hong kong

    but some of them are from australia and united states^^

    Hope that helped you^^

  4. @KoalaEmoNation No its different. I don't think ulzzang/asian style is even that well known over here in America to be given a name although i wish i was…at least thats what i know so far. But im pretty sure its diff from indie style.

  5. @MultiTwiglet I'm sure you've seen Hollister and A&F clothing right? Those are what general american clothing original looks like. You know those knitted hats girls wear nowadays? It came from Europe & Asia. Most of the fashionable clothing that America has now are mostly all important from other countries. Fashion style between Asia and America is definitely different, you can only tell the difference if you shop for asian clothing. But what you see here now is all influenced by other countries

  6. @MultiTwiglet If you wanted to choose one, its all up to the person themselves. I prefer asian clothing because they just suit me better. Haha there's just no other way I can explain it to you how different it is, you just have to really observe for yourself, I've shopped over in Asia before and I've never seen those type of clothings over here.

  7. @KoalaEmoNation Nope its totally diffrents….hmm ulzzang style or more like korean and of course simiar to jaopanese style…their style are more hhmm..its popular to look like a doll and look pretty cute with big eyes and with fake eeylashes….hmm and girls use makeup look like yea like dolls as we just can say….indie style is totally diffrents and ulzzang means best face in korean and u get famous for being a ulzzang too.

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