3 wise men & 5 hats puzzle: Only 1% can understand logic behind this puzzle

Only genius can understand the logic behind this very popular puzzle. Try this and challenge your friends. Write in the comment box if you have understood the logic.
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  1. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    The ONLY way a guy can know for SURE, is

    if he sees a blue on each of the others!

    Then he would know for SURE he had a BLACK!


    Therefore, only the following are possible:


    G1 = BK

    G2 = BK

    G3 = BK


    G1 = BK

    G2 = BK

    G3 = BL


    G1 = BK

    G2 = BL

    G3 = BK


    G1 = BL

    G2 = BK

    G3 = BK


    Guy one saw;

    G2 = BK

    G3 = BK


    G2 = BK

    G3 = BL


    G2 = BL

    G3 = BK

    and could not know for sure!


    Guy two knows that Guy one

    did NOT see two BLUE, or else

    Guy one would have known for sure!

    Therefore there has to be BLACK on

    Guy three or himself (Guy two)!

    If Guy two sees a BLUE on Guy three

    he would know for SURE he had a BLACK!

    But Guy two did not know for sure!


    Guy three knows that there are

    3 scenarios in which Guy one could

    NOT give a definitive answer!

    Guy three knows that there is only

    1 scenario in which Guy two could

    NOT give a definitive answer!


    Guy three can be BLIND, and still

    give the correct answer!


  2. The biggest puzzle is considering option 1 or 2 at all because you can not know correctly unless your hat is black in all senarios and instead just developing an option 4:
    Immediately declare your hat is black and the riot if you are wrong because there was nothin you could do anyways.

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