10 Unknown Fully-Electric Supercars [ Most People Haven’t Heard Of ]

Recent years have seen a significant inflow of electric supercar offerings, with dozens of startups and established players throwing their various hats into the metaphorical EV supercar ring, competing for lap time and spec-sheet supremacy. We decided to take the time to analyze this apex of proton-powered performance but compile a list of the 10 Fully-Electric Supercars Most People Haven’t Heard Of. New models are continuously being released, and the number of possibilities is continually growing. These supercars with electric souls are hell-bent on writing a new chapter in history with ballistic horsepower, torque, and speed. But I want to hear from you: are internal combustion engines on the verge of being phased out?

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🚖 Chapters – 10 Unknown Fully electric Supercars :
00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Kangaroo
01:44 – Quant F
02:49 – Dendrobium D1
03:59 – Lotus Evija
05:10 – Aspark Owl
06:31 – Karma SC2
07:49 – Qiantu K50
09:08 – NIO EP9
10:28 – Genovation GXE
11:37 – Carmen Boulogne

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