【ENG SUB】Cupid's Kitchen EP33 舌尖上的心跳 | Ethan Juan, Song Zu Er, Liu Dong Qin

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【Synopsis】Lin Kesong has an acute sense of taste. To pursue the guy that she likes, she came to America. There, she meets renowned Michelin-certified chef Jiang Qianfan, who takes her in as a disciple and teaches her cooking skills. Together, they prepare for the cooking competition three months later. However, despite having an acute sense of taste, Lin Kesong does not have any talent in cooking.

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  1. Elise mom and Victor need to let her come clean regardless the end results
    She is the one in torment and not them. She could easily want and succeed in killing herself. Smh! People who doesn't have a conscience always think what they are doing is right and they won't have to pay the price for their actions. 😡Trying to patiently wait, but I really want the guy to know the truth about the horrible people around him and how they are the result of his health problems.

  2. Elise’s mom is quite something else in a bad way. There should be criminal charges on Elise. Poisoning someone and possibly lead him to blindness is very severe. And the doctor – he should not have told Elise about ML’s physical status – what about patient privacy and confidentiality.

  3. Another angry moment coming , his sight is messed up , when he’s over one hurdle another one surface he is dealing with a lot with very little room to breathe , this isn’t love , why didn’t Elise just walk away from him ,she didn’t had to do it his , I don’t tank she eve4 saw or realized real Love only control , this form of abuse is so wrong ( any type of abuse is wrong ), next I want Xiaoyu to lose her position in the competition that will nice n for all separate her toxic attitude from the others , I hope she falls had

  4. Two things.
    I'll never think it's appropriate for a woman to take out her pregnancy stick she peed on to show someone the result when she can simply say she's pregnant. Nasty.

    It appears Junbin knew about the pills Oliver had been taking, but didn't tell him of dosage and side effects. What the hell kind of a doctor or friend is he? Well, we know not a very good friend. His behaviours have been influenced by his attraction for Elise instead of upholding the Hippocratic Oath, do no harm, maybe it's not a thing in medicine in the east..

    The writers have been throwing around integrity in this show, when will they apply it to Junbin because we already know Elise has none?

  5. That whole family is fucking ruthless honestly the doctor fits right in because why didn't he warn him knowing the type of person that Oliver is that he would want to be cured quick and that he might take more when I tell him if you take too many you can go blind why wait honestly I think hes getting a kick out of this because then it's making Elsa not wanna be with Oliver because of guilt and going towards the doctor more and then Victor to be like I know everything OK then let you lose your sense and go blind and let's see how you feel Honestly that whole family got off too easy even the mother finding love with that old man does he know how ruthless she really is and this guy finding love with that ex chubby girl and then Elsa finding love with the doctor it's like they'll end up happy even though they did such evil things

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