【ENG SUB】Cupid's Kitchen EP31 舌尖上的心跳 | Ethan Juan, Song Zu Er, Liu Dong Qin

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【Synopsis】Lin Kesong has an acute sense of taste. To pursue the guy that she likes, she came to America. There, she meets renowned Michelin-certified chef Jiang Qianfan, who takes her in as a disciple and teaches her cooking skills. Together, they prepare for the cooking competition three months later. However, despite having an acute sense of taste, Lin Kesong does not have any talent in cooking.

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  1. I honestly don't mind the romantic pacing of our leading couple. This slow-burning love fits the cooking theme of the drama. ML has a lot of trauma to unpack and is also coming to terms with his disability. FL is slowly learning how to think and stand for herself. As they sort out their stuff and bring out the best out of each other, maybe romance will play out more. Also, any expectation for the drama to follow the novel should've been dropped since early on with the drastic plot differences and number of evil characters.

  2. Xiao Yu should be eliminated already by kidnapping Lin Kesong caused her late for competition. Somebody has to push her over the cliff that's the only way she'll stop hurting people!!

  3. Cousin is stupid anyway. Even if he had his taste buds back, he still would not say anything to the uncle like he didn't when she had kidnapped her cousin and left her stranded and all the other evil stuff she had done. Jiang and Kesong can expose the wicked brat, along with her evil mentor at anytime. Wicked and evil people think that just because you don't call them out and bust them right away means you are stupid and have low IQ. They know and see her, but I think once finally Jiang told Kesong everything… the weight was already lifted off him and he's more relaxed and doesn't care what happens. He'll deal with it as they go. However, agree with everyone… this time It's Kesong's fault. To help protect your mentor… they should have left. Basically, the writer is saying when two people hearts are towards each, some people become naive and too reserved against their enemy. Whoever the person falls in love with…. they tend to take on each other's bad habits as well as good habits. He is supposed to be the smart one. If Kesong allows her cousin & others bully her… she can't help guard nobody.

  4. Why didn't they have Kesong video take the guy threatening her mentor? There is so many other things they could of did, but didn't. 😭 Hope everything backfires on that wicked and evil guy and her cousin.

  5. Her cousin is really stupid. She forgot that talk in that room when she was asked why she left with Kesong and came back w/o her. That guy mean what he says. Bet cousin won't be able to compete. They will be shamed period thinking everyone will be in agreement with them. She better get ready. To openly put her face and evil comment out there, she will not be able to walk the streets so easily no more. Fan club aren't nice at all. Some of them will actually probably beat her up and call her names. She also risk where people will not support her dad restaurant anymore.

  6. Boris and Xiaoyu – birds of the same feather flock together. Personalities full of jealousy and hatred goes together in an evil person and karma will befall them sooner or later.

  7. There are so many awful, irredeemable characters in this show. The ex gf, the cousin, cousin’s mentor, ex’s brother and mother. Omg. Just want to be slapping people through the tv.

  8. I really like the rooftop scenes with Oliver and Lin Kensong. It's good to see them chatting properly quietly between themselves without people around them being dramatic!

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